How to complete your profile

How to complete your profile

Welcome! Here are instructions on how to build your profile. Once you complete your profile please email us and let us know.

Logging In

On the website navigate to “My Account” in the upper right corner, click on it, and enter in your information.
Log in by clicking this link:

My Account Page

Here you’ll find an area to enter your name, email, and change your password.

You’ll also able to view your profile (Link is under your profile picture and name).

View and Edit Your Profile

When you are on your profile page this how it will be appear to the public.

To edit your profile content click the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose “Edit Profile” from the dropdown.

Once you enable the editor you can now edit all the sections of your profile including your main photo.

Upload a profile photo

Click the camera icon in the circle, click “Upload Photo”, then click the “Upload” button and choose a photo on your computer. You have the option to crop the photo to you liking. Once you are happy with your selection click “Apply” to save it.

Edit your profile sections
All sections are available for you to edit, Click on any section and start typing. When you have completed your profile scroll down to the bottom and click “Update Profile”

Profile photo requirements
Only profiles with an uploaded profile photo will be shown on the directory.